A world where every child who comes into care obtains a loving, caring, and culturally competent placement which, through mutual respect, affirms their identity


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Come and join us at My Foster Family and be one step closer to giving a child a home full of love, care and stability

My Foster Family is a bespoke recruitment and training specialist that caters for a diverse range of families in the UK looking to begin their own journey in fostering.

Whether you are looking for a fostering agency or simply want to gain some training in the fostering process, we can assist you at every step of your journey into fostering.

We believe that fostering is a rewarding role to play and one that can transform the lives of children.

We aim to ensure that every potential foster carer goes away with all the information and training they need to be the best possible carers for vulnerable children and those who have come from often traumatic circumstances.

In addition, we work together with a number of respected fostering organisations and agencies in order to assist you with your search for a foster child that you could nurture, raise and empower.