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Fostering: The New Era

Your solution to recruiting and training foster carers from multi-faith backgrounds

Our Vision

A world where every child who comes into care obtans a loving, caring and culturally competent placement which, through mutual respect, affirms their identity.

Our Mission

To increase the number of high-quality carers from across the diverse tapestry of the UK population, and to increase the level of cultural competency that prevails in carers and professionals

Come and join us at My Foster Family and be one step closer
to giving a child 
a home full of love, care and stability.

My Foster Family is a bespoke recruitment and training specialist that caters for a diverse range of families in the UK
looking to begin their own journey in fostering. Whether you are looking for a fostering agency or simply want to gain
some training in the fostering process, we can assist you at every step of your journey into fostering.

We believe that fostering is a rewarding role to play and one that can transform the lives of children.We aim to ensure that every
potential foster carer goes away with all the information and training they need to be the best possible carers
for vulnerable children and those who have come from often traumatic circumstances.

In addition, we work together with a number of respected fostering organisations and agencies in order to assist you
with your search for a foster child that you could nurture, raise and empower.

Our Values

People First
Everything we do is for foster carers, children, and young people

Celebrating Diversity
Everyone is different but should be treated with the same respect

Freeing Potential
Every person has the right to make the most of his or her life

Close Communities
A loving, nurturing home builds respect and safer communities

Living & Working with Integrity
We will always go out of our way to do the right thing

As a local authority it is critical we celebrate diversity, embrace social media, and benefit from the modern and refreshing approach My Foster Family has brought to the market. The Muslim Foster Network has consolidated its educational and training services, its gift box programme, and its unique unaccompanied minors mentoring programme into a single entity: My Foster Family. This organisation is a welcome addition to the fostering landscape.

I would encourage all stakeholders in fostering to benefit from My Foster Family’s approach, and from the enhanced quality, diversity and effectiveness of their outcomes.

Jim Hopkins
Deputy Director of Children’s Social Care
Bradford Council

What We Do

About Us

My Foster Family was founded by CEO Shadim Hussain with the aims of creating a faith sensitive and diverse fostering recruitment and training organisation which aims to find the best foster placement to meet the needs of foster children in the UK.

Shadim is an experienced digital marketer and social entrepreneur, who headed the renowned Muslim Foster Project in 2010. The project was incubated by charity organisation Mercy Mission and has successfully led on to the creation of My Foster Family. My Foster Family believes in drawing from the successful work of the Muslim Foster Project providing educational training, workshops and recruitment in fostering and attracting people from all walks of life.

Since the inception of My Foster Family the team has evolved attracting support from key members of the public such as Sir Martin Narey.

Since completing my final report on the care system for the Department for Education, I’ve had a number of approaches from independent fostering agencies, none of which I’ve pursued. But I have been impressed for some time with Mercy Mission and the imaginative and innovative approach they have taken to improve recruitment and attract new carers to fostering, particularly those from minority backgrounds. So I’m delighted to agree to be the first Chair of My Foster Family, the new not for profit organisation which will take forward Mercy Mission’s pioneering work.

Sir Martin Narey
Chairman of My Foster Family

Our team comprises of people from a wide range of backgrounds and minority groups, some of whom have been foster carers in the past. Our wealth of experience in creating fostering recruitment initiatives, training and opportunities for the community to get involved in fostering ensures that we are well placed to be your first port of call when considering becoming a foster carer. 

At My Foster Family, we’re more than a fostering recruitment agency; we’re a community of close- knit foster carers, staff, and friends who are working 
together to give every child the best start in life.


Here at My Foster Family, we offer a range of services for those who wish to get into fostering and transform a child’s life. We believe in building on the foundation of nurturing a child and enabling them to reach their full potential. This can only be done when foster carers get the support, information and assistance they need to be the light in a child’s life.


Educational fostering resources, guides,
events and informative gift boxes.



Engagement Realisation Approach (ERA) as
a radical new approach utilising the
latest technologies and channels



One-to-one training, workshops tailored for
minority communities, courses on
identity and cultural competency.



My Foster Family have innovative approaches to the development of educational fostering resources in the form of invaluable guides, events and gift boxes full of information on fostering. Over the years tailored guides had been created for foster carers who were looking after children from Muslim backgrounds to act as a support and to demystify basic Islamic beliefs.

In addition, gift boxes were given during the Islamic month of Ramadan to connect with non-Muslim carers who were fostering Muslim children. The gift box not only included information about the month of Ramadan but also included invitations to Ramadan events and a gift for the foster child and carer.

We want all foster carers who to have the information they require and be a source of comfort for those who want to cater to the needs of the children who are under their care. Our development of educational resources aim to equip foster carers with the knowledge and information they need to be able to provide for meet and understand the religious or cultural needs of foster children from minority backgrounds.


Here at My Foster Family we have developed an innovative and thorough recruitment process to meet the needs of potential foster carers. In 2016, we designed the Engagement Realisation Approach (ERA) which was later introduced in 2017 to fostering agencies and organisations.

Our CEO, Shadim Hussain, an experienced digital marketer and social entrepreneur, collaborated with Asim Khan, a social media specialist to streamline the process and make it as efficient and beneficial as possible to all those involved.

This recruitment process works on outcomes by directly linking investment in social media and is just one part of what makes My Foster Family something truly unique. We aim to ensure that all foster carers are giving the chance to reach their full potential in caring for a foster child and meeting their needs in transforming a child’s life for the better.



We have a wealth of experience in providing training and workshops to all those who wish to foster a child. We have also helped to improve dialogues with minority communities and fostering agencies and establish key partnerships that has helped our initiative to flourish.

Our aims with training is to ensure that we offer members of minority communities the training they need to be able to foster and attract greater diversity in the recruitment of foster carers.

Our team comprises of professional trainers and instructors who can deliver training programmes designed specifically for your organisation whether you are an agency or fostering organisation. We pride ourselves in offering specialist workshops on identity and cultural competency that can further enhance potential foster carers with the care of their foster child.

“Our training and workshops have been designed and developed by leaders in the faith and social workspace to provide an engaging and inspiring perspective that empowers professionals with knowledge and understanding. They’re delivered by Andy Limbert, a registered social worker from the Health and Care Professions Council who is passionate about the difference fostering can make in the lives of vulnerable children. He has over 12 years of experience within the fostering sector as a social worker, foster carer, trainer and mentor.”

Contact Us

For more information on My Foster Family or to arrange to speak to one of our team members please use this Contact form or drop us a line on:

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Celebrate diversity, embrace your potential and embark on a journey of transforming a child’s life with My Foster Family