Since the inception of My Foster Family the team has evolved attracting support from key members of the public such as Sir Martin Narey.

“Since completing my final report on the care system for the Department for Education, I’ve had a number of approaches from independent fostering agencies, none of which I’ve pursued. But I have been impressed for some time with Mercy Mission and the imaginative and innovative approach they have taken to improve recruitment and attract new carers to fostering, particularly those from minority backgrounds. So I’m delighted to agree to be the first Chair of My Foster Family, the new not for profit organisation which will take forward Mercy Mission’s pioneering work.”

– Sir Martin Narey Chairman of My Foster Family

My Foster Family was founded by CEO Shadim Hussain with the aims of creating a faith sensitive and diverse fostering recruitment and training organization which aims to find the best foster placement to meet the needs of foster children in the UK.

Shadim is an experienced digital marketer and social entrepreneur, who headed the renowned Muslim Fostering Project in 2017. The project was incubated by charity organization Mercy Mission and has successfully led on to the creation of My Foster Family.

My Foster Family believes in drawing from the successful work of the Muslim Foster Project providing educational training, workshops, and recruitment in fostering and attracting people from all walks of life.

Our team comprises of people from a wide range of backgrounds and minority groups, some of whom have been foster carers in the past. Our wealth of experience in creating fostering recruitment initiatives, training and opportunities for the community to get involved in fostering ensures that we are well placed to be your first port of call when considering becoming a foster carer.

At My Foster Family, we’re more than a fostering recruitment agency; we’re a community of close-knit foster carers, staff, and friends who are working together to give every child the best start in life.


A world where every child who comes into care obtains a loving, caring, and culturally competent placement which, through mutual respect, affirms their identity.


To increase the number of high-quality carers from across the diverse tapestry of the UK population, and to increase the level of cultural competency that prevails in carers and professionals.


  •   People First

Everything we do is for foster carers, children, and young people

  •   Celebrating Diversity

Everyone is different but should be treated with the same respect.

  •   Freeing Potential

Every person has the right to make the most of his or her life.

  •   Close Communities

A loving, nurturing home builds respect and safer communities.

  •   Living & Working with Integrity

We will always go out of our way to do the right thing