My Foster Family have innovative approaches to the development of educational fostering resources in the form of invaluable guides, events and gift boxes full of information on fostering. Over the years tailored guides had been created for foster carers who were looking after children from Muslim backgrounds to act as a support and to demystify basic Islamic beliefs.

In addition, gift boxes were given during the Islamic month of Ramadan to connect with non-Muslim carers who were fostering Muslim children. The gift box not only included information about the month of Ramadan but also included invitations to Ramadan events and a gift for the foster child and carer.

We want all foster carers who to have the information they require and be a source of comfort for those who want to cater to the needs of the children who are under their care. Our development of educational resources aim to equip foster carers with the knowledge and information they need to be able to provide for meet and understand the religious or cultural needs of foster children from minority backgrounds.